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Who are we?

Founded in 2009, EWB Consulting Ltd is an SAP platform and technology consultancy specialising in operating system and / or database migrations. With a minimum of fifteen years experience our consultants have delivered successful projects across the UK, mainland Europe, Asia Pacific and North America since 1996.

Copying SAP systems homogeneously (where the source and target OS/DB vendor does not change) or migrating them heterogeneously (where there is a difference in vendor between the source and target OS/DB combination) is our principle business activity.

Homogeneous system copies
Heterogeneous system migrations

In addition to specialising homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies or migrations of SAP systems we also offer the following closely associated SAP Platform and Technology services.

Database design and capacity planning

Globalisation issues and UNICODE enablement

High availability, disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Infrastructure sizing, procurement and capacity planning

Project risk mitigation and management

Solution design, installation and upgrade

What makes us different?

We recognise the need for an open, pragmatic and equitable relationship and have developed a simple but proven consulting methodology that allows us to understand complex project influencers and develop a roadmap (in hours, not days) that manages the risk whilst minimising the disruption that is inherent within many SAP Platform and Technology projects.

SAP certified, with demonstrable experience and success – contact EWB Consulting Ltd. for more information or to discuss specific SAP Platform and Technology requirements.

EWB Consulting Ltd is proud to support and promote awareness of TOFS (registered charity number 327735) who provide support for families of children born unable to swallow. For more information please follow this link http://www.tofs.org.uk/ 
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